Timber cladding is now rising as a popular choice for the finishing constructional material in commercial and domestic properties. Otherwise termed as timber weatherboarding/timber siding, it is an appealing and cost-effective way to finish the outside of both old and new buildings.

Naturally durable woods such as cedar provide a long lasting, shielding layer against the weather elements and they are outstanding insulators. Renewable, reusable, and biodegradable with minimal energy embodied, DIJO Group know just what it takes to offer you the best Timber Cladding services in Australia and beyond.

The naturally warm & comforting nature of Timber makes it an attractive option of finishing the exterior of any residential or industrial building. There are a variety of styles and textures available in the market. This space of design innovation makes Timber Cladding a favorite option in construction projects that has a high level of décor. Ease of maintenance and elimination of heavy masonry walls add to the cost effective nature of this construction method. At DIJO Group, we have the best team in design and construction who can help you with the design process.

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