DIJO GROUP comes with highly trained professionals who are capable of installing Exterior insulation and finish system Cladding. It is interesting to see how EIFS cladding made its way to Australia. Post World War II, buildings in Germany was damaged and demanded resurfacing.

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) saw its first use there and then came to the United States where it took off as a commercial hit. And for decades, there are more profound reasons that make EIFS cladding a sought after material in the construction Industry. Apart from the high-energy efficiency it offers with the exterior insulation, the aesthetics and creative freedom are aplenty in EIFS Cladding. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) present in the system makes it ready to be cut or molded to create desirable shapes like columns, curves, window details and structures, ornate porticos and more. The EIFS Cladding doesn't reduce a building's interior square footage since it goes on the outside, which is a very significant benefit in high value projects and historical sites. The flexibility it offers makes it usable in both hot and cold climates. Hence, EIFS Cladding can be effectively installed on newly constructed buildings or older structures that require a facelift, without impacting life indoors.

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